Testimonials from our satisfied customers in Wearside

At Wearside Dental Services, we take pride in delivering the finest in expertise and professional care to each of our valued clients. Take a look and see what our customers have to say.


Wearside Dental Services

''I have used Wearside for many years and found their service very good.They are easy to communicate with allowing us to work together to provide great results" - Gareth Bastey BDS (Dentist)

"I have been working with Wearside Dental Services for almost 20 years.They have been very professional,approachable and understanding towards our needs when it comes to good dentures.I have always been able to talk to them at any time and explain certain cases and how to put any potential problems right which I think is very important. 
They are very efficient in picking up and delivering our work and occasionally if there is a problem they always sort it out.'' - F.A.Ardabili B.D.S (Dentist) 

Wearside Denture Clinic

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''My wife has a Valplast partial denture made by Wearside Dental Services. But when we called in to collect some Valplast cleaner, Neil Cooper, one of the hands-on co-founders, was more interested in my wife's opinion of her partial denture - the fitting, comfort, appearance and the benefits from it. He asked if he could review the denture fitted in her mouth. 
It is very obvious there is a genuine interest here, in ensuring that the customer is totally happy with all aspects, particularly comfort from a proper fitting. 
Neil has a real enthusiasm for his work and spent more than half an hour talking about Valpast,- the flexible material, manufacture, fitting, care. Certainly it appears this is a company which sees customer satisfaction as essential and I recommend it without any hesitation.'' - Bill Dobson

"My mother has just had new dentures made by wearside denture clinic.The dentist was really patient,explained everything really clearly and nothing was too much trouble.She has problem gums and they have managed to create new dentures that fit better than any she has had before.Evening appointments on a Wednesday are also really helpful.They do repairs which are ready in an hour.
Highly recommended!" - Car Sunny
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