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Wearside dental services has been serving dentists around the North East for more than 25 years providing a full prosthetic, implant and orthodontic service. We pride ourselves on our quality, service and technical support. All our work is performed in-house as per ISO9001:2008 standards. 
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Meet the team

The partners of the business are experts in their field. 
  • David Ross - Has over 40 years experience as a dental technician, and over 30 years experience in all forms of removable orthodontics. He has also been a qualified Valplast technician for 8 years. 
  • Neil Cooper -  Has over 30 years experience in dental technology, specialising in private prosthetics and implant over dentures, after gaining extensive experience while employed at Newcastle Dental Hospital. 

Digital Crown & Bridge Service

Complete Digital Crown and Bridge Service
This is a full NHS and Prviate crown and bridge service. We can also offer zirconia crowns as a NHS option. All work received into the laboratory is scanned and all crowns are milled. We can also offer this as a 5 working day turnaround rather to the more normal 10 working day turnaround.

Private denture services

To be a BPS registered laboratory we have undergone rigorous training and inspection from Ivoclar. BPS incorporates greater clinical and surgical input from surgeons and technicians resulting in exceptional denture aesthetics. 

Acrylic dentures
  • Crystal + - our entry level denture which uses Acrotone teeth and the latest injection moulding system from Ivoclar Vivadent (Ivobase) which provides a superior fit and strength compared to high impact acrylics.
  • Quartz uses Ivobase, vita shaded Senator teeth set on an adjustable articulator with gum contouring.
  • Diamond - our top of the range denture which uses Ivobase and is constructed using the BPS system affording superior function of the Vivadent teeth along with characterised gum work.
Valplast flexible dentures
Valplast is a nylon material rather than acrylic and is much stronger and more flexible. Dentists choose Valplast partial dentures for their patients for the following reasons.
  • Aesthetics - Valplast has a natural tissue blend with translucency that picks up patients natural tissue tone, ensuring that the denture blends in like no other removable partial.
  • Function - Valplast provides strength without bulkiness. The strength of the material and resistance to chemical breakdown provides a long lasting, unbreakable partial, assisting patient’s comfort, confidence and dental health.
  • Quality - Valplast is the product of decades of research and refinement and its quality remains unsurpassed. The quality of the product and the quality of the training undertaken makes Valplast the best a dentist can offer their patients.
Here at Wearside Dental Services we can provide you with a broad range of implant retained prosthetics.We will assist you from the planning stages to a completely restored prosthetic result. Whether you require a simple mandibular prosthesis retained on two implants or a screw retained acrylic and titanium bridge, we work with you to achieve the best outcome for you and your patient.

Cobalt Chrome
We provide full and partial dentures constructed to your requirements.

NHS denture services

We provide a full range of NHS denture work prosthetics under our Crystal level service using Acrotone teeth. As part of this service, we offer next day repairs and additions, with relines completed in two days.
Cobalt Chrome
We provide full and partial dentures constructed to your requirements


We offer a complete service providing removable appliances, fixed appliances and functional appliances. By arrangement, we also offer a next day retainer service and this includes Essix retainers which are constructed using Essix plus blanks for longer life span and tight fit. We also stock gum shields in a vast range of colours and designs and can supply custom made bleaching trays and bite raising splints. 

Other Services

Gingival veneers
This is a simple solution to the complex problem of anterior asthetics. A gingival veener can mask severe gingival recession and metal collars on crowns. We fully characterise these to blend in with patients natural gingivae.

Gum shields, bleaching trays and soft splints

We stock gum shields in a vast range of colours and designs and can supply custom made bleaching trays and bite raising splints. 

Tooth whitening

Information coming soon.

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