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Do you want dentures that fit properly, are comfortable and look natural? Do you have any of the following denture issues?
  • Do your dentures limit what food you can eat?  
  • Do you suffer embarrassment because of your dentures?  
  • Do you have worn down dentures?  
  • Do you suffer loss of facial support from your dentures?  
  • Do your dentures look or make you look old?  
If you fall into any of the above categories, contact us to see the difference we can make for you . We can improve the fit and function of your dentures and restore your smile and confidence . By working with our in house dentist and technicians, we can offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs. In this way, we can ensure our patients get the best denture solution or other treatment.

Our dentist

Anthony Lim has worked in Sunderland for over 10 years after completing his training in Singapore. Whilst he does not carry out invasive procedures or general dentistry such as fillings, a more specialist range of services are offered, including gingival veneers, tooth whitening and gum shields.

Private denture services

To be a BPS registered laboratory we have undergone rigorous training and inspection from Ivoclar. BPS incorporates greater clinical and surgical input from surgeons and technicians resulting in exceptional denture aesthetics. 

Acrylic dentures
  • Crystal + - our entry level denture which uses Acrotone teeth and the latest injection moulding system from Ivoclar Vivadent (Ivobase) which provides a superior fit and strength compared to high impact acrylics.
  • Quartz - uses Ivobase, vita shaded Senator teeth set on an adjustable articulator with gum contouring.
  • Diamond - our top of the range denture which uses Ivobase and is constructed using the BPS system affording superior function of the Vivadent teeth along with characterised gum work.
Valplast flexible dentures

Valplast is a nylon material rather than acrylic and is much stronger and more flexible. Dentists choose Valplast partial dentures for their patients for the following reasons.
  • Aesthetics - Valplast has a natural tissue blend with translucency that picks up patients natural tissue tone, ensuring that the denture blends in like no other removable partial.
  • Function - Valplast provides strength without bulkiness. The strength of the material and resistance to chemical breakdown provides a long lasting, unbreakable partial, assisting patient’s comfort, confidence and dental health.
  • Quality - Valplast is the product of decades of research and refinement and its quality remains unsurpassed. The quality of the product and the quality of the training undertaken makes Valplast the best a dentist can offer their patients.

Other Services

Gingival veneers
This is a simple solution to the complex problem of anterior asthetics. A gingival veener can mask severe gingival recession and metal collars on crowns. We fully characterise these to blend in with patients natural gingivae.
Gum shields, bleaching trays and soft splints

We stock gum shields in a vast range of colours and designs and can supply custom made bleaching trays and bite raising splints. 

Tooth whitening

Information coming soon.

We offer a same day service on denture repairs.

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